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Simone Snaith was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to musician parents who played in popular local punk/New Wave bands. She spent most of her childhood reading, singing to herself (or occasionally back-up vocals on her parents' recordings), and writing the beginnings of novels that she never finished. Immersed in the world of Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, He-Man and She-Ra, etc, she was a shy daydreamer, saddled with a bowl haircut and overly large glasses.

Her family moved to Southern California when she was 8 years old and by age 12, she was attending a small magnet school in Los Angeles for grades 4 thru 12 alongside a lot of frighteningly big kids. Behind a thick curtain of dirty-blonde hair, she dreamed of starting a rock band and being a writer. She fell in love with ElfQuest by Wendy and Richard Pini, and wrote her first novel, heavily inspired by The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle.

She went on to study Creative Writing at U.C. Riverside under author Susan Straight and spent a fantastic year abroad at The University of London, King's College, during which she hacked off her long hair and started dying it different colors. Afterward she sang in a short-lived post-hardcore band and wrote From The Ashes (The Fairville Woods #1), a Young Adult vampire novel that very quickly landed her an agent but somehow, unfortunately, not a book deal.

After Snaith had written several other novels (including an early version of Between The Water & The Woods), the agent vanished into smoke. So she began to self-publish. She worked in publicity at two independent record labels and started an indie folk band while publishing Through The Eyes (Fairville Woods #2)The Indigo Stone (Fantasy) and In The Drawing (Urban Fantasy) through Amazon—the last one technically through Blue Deco Publishing.

Eventually, an updated version of Snaith’s YA Fantasy novel Between The Water & The Woods reached editor Mora Couch at Holiday House Books (Penguin RandomHouse). Having started a new pop/rock band called Turning Violet, as well as a new job at a bustling record store, Snaith watched with delight as Between The Water & The Woods hit the stores in March 2019 with Sara Kipin's beautiful illustrations.

Snaith is currently seeking a home for a new Fantasy novella while continuing to record new music with Turning Violet.

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