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Oh, Hi! Cat Fight Edition

Okay, so somehow, I forgot that I have a blog to maintain as well as my social media! But in my defense, but there's been a lot going on. For starters, my boyfriend and I got engaged and moved in together! I will spare you a long dissertation on how I've been alone most of my life and never thought I'd find the right person. Just know that I still can't quite believe that he came along, and if you are searching too, then you should NEVER give up hope. BELIEVE ME.

This is the first time I've lived with a significant other, so I've discovered that it can be tricky to work out when I can and should work on creative projects. I haven't yet gotten the hang of when my regular writing time should be, now that it's not just me and my wild little fur baby.

And speaking of fur babies, my fiancé's cat hates mine, so they were constantly fighting for a while there (months and months). We both have lovely little tuxedo cats, but once his caught sight of mine, she decided that her very existence was being threatened. . . Or just that she needed to KILL . . . So that was traumatic for us all. On the funny side, I discovered that Ozma makes Skeksi noises when she's trying to be threatening! It's gotten much better, but there's still way more yelling and squirting of the water bottle than is pleasant.

In writing news, I have decided to self-publish the fantasy novella I finished during the pandemic shutdown and have started working (painfully slowly) on a new one. The talented Audrey Knight, who created the book covers for most of my books before Between the Water and the Woods, is working on the art for it now, so I'm excited! If you follow me on Instagram, you can see some character sketches that other artist friends have done, as teasers.

My band has also been playing frequently, which has been a lot of fun. But things are slowing down a bit for the holidays and I am now badly in need of a new car. Shopping for one in my price range has been downright depressing . . . But there is always hope, with help from family and advice from friends.

That's all the news worth reporting for now!

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