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Simone Snaith is an author of Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Young Adult novels. Snaith also sings in the Los Angeles band Turning VioletHer latest book, THE QUAVERING AIR, is available now on Amazon.


BETWEEN THE WATER & THE WOODS (Holiday House Books), featuring illustrations by Sara Kipin, is available wherever books are sold.

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All that divides Span from its dark sister world, Avid, are two extraordinary clocks set an hour apart by the wise founders known as The Appon. When a mysterious shapeshifter alters their settings, Avid’s beasts start slipping through rifts in the air, wreaking havoc on the many species of Span. Despite her insecurities and fresh heartbreak, the young human Renna answers the Appon’s summons to join the champions chosen to save their land from destruction. On a journey riddled with attacks from otherworldly creatures, the motley crew must put aside their prejudices and dark suspicions . . . because they dare not abandon the mission.

Cover art by Audrey Knight


The Quavering Air

"There are personal stakes, there are questions about loyalty and commitment to the mission, there are interpersonal squabbles and personality clashes, there's character growth, there's even a romance subplot. It's good stuff."

- Mike Reeves-McMillan, Goodreads

Between The Water & The Woods

"a beautifully written story that feels more like an ageless fable than a contemporary novel."

- Online Eccentric Librarian

"A beautiful story about love family and nature . . . recommended for its lush descriptions and wonderful storytelling."

- Milky Way of Books


"reminiscent of an old fairytale . . . the relationship between Emeline and her brother is one of the most realistic I’ve seen in a fantasy setting . . . I thoroughly enjoyed this book."

- The Omnibus
"A delightfully fresh fantasy that mixes science and magic in fascinatingly complex ways."

- School Library Journal

"a twisting plot to go with her exquisite characters and understandable humor . . . 4 or 5 stars."

- Knox County Public Library
"Political intrigue, magic, knights, dark creatures, a small love story, and an intense battle . . . keep the pages turning."  

- School Library Connection

"not being obsessed with reading over-hyped books means I get to discover little gems like these - I highly recommend Between the Water and the Woods if you're looking for a lovely, standalone fantasy novel"

- Preethi  

"Fantasy, adventure, family, and sweet romance . . . True YA, with characters who act like teens . . . 5 stars."

- Audrey Dion, author

"The magical description, romance, and lovely illustrations make it a nice cozy read! . . . #4 Best Books I've Read in 2019"

- Big Book Energies

"This year made me crave quiet, fairytale-like, beautifully written stories and this hit ALL the spots, making it my number one read of the year." Best of 2020

- Horse Crazy Girl 

"This book was so good, the characters, the plot, the dialogue, it was truly an amazing read"

- Teen Reads

"This book read like a fairy tale . . . highly enjoyed, highly recommend"

- Wandering Bookish

"An absorbing, whimsical journey. I really enjoyed spending time in this world with these characters!"

- Book Birch

"Read it for these: the world she built . . . the battle between magic and science; an observation of poverty and wealth. . . a parent-child relationship that is (shockingly for a YA novel) loving and mutually respectful."

- June Trekking

"I loved this little romance/adventure story. It was the sweet/feel good fantasy novel that was not all swords, violence, and the she-will-save-them-all motif."

- Elly Reads Too/Goodreads

"a fun story of magic, family, and love, and my kids were clamoring for me to read it each night . . . I was delighted to see the political tensions play out in interesting fashion."

- Carrie Callaghan, author

"It’s very reminiscent of the fantasy books I read growing up. It has a bit of a timeless feel . . . The trope of magic vs technology/science plays out nicely . . . a delightful read"

- Alison in Bookland

"This book is like if Pride and Prejudice was set in a fantasy version of the enlightenment . . . It also dives into class divides and gender issues in a similar fashion to Austen."

- Splattered Pages


The Indigo Stone

"the romance was done really well . . . despite being on her own all her life Eine STILL was a boss and didn't depend on others"
Rabbit Hole Reviews 

"I was completely entranced with the book from the moment it started." 
- Triskele Reviews (on

From The Ashes

"I liked this story for the cursed love story that it was. I rooted for Lundy to find a way to stay alive this time." 
Vamp Chix 

Sweet and poignant love that makes you want to be drawn into their little world and stop the awful curse yourself . . . You root for them every step of the way.
Miss Kaao

"This is an original addition to the vampire genre, with enough action and intrigue to keep me turning the pages." 
- Kats Book Buzz (on

"This was such a great vampire story! One of the better I've read actually . . . it had it all, suspense, romance, a little bit action and drama." 
- Rather Barefoot Than Bookless (on

"I really loved the worldbuilding & magic system, and I wish it was a series!" 
- Feminist Fantasy (on

"A well written fantasy. I really liked young Eine . . . The characters are all well developed." 
- Juniper Grove (on

"Filled with powers, relate-able characters, and a beautiful world detailed well by the author." 
Miss Kaao

"Magic mixes with steampunk in this very readable fantasy adventure." 
Ingenious Cat

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