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Simone Snaith is an author of Fantasy & Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, and New Adult novels. She also sings in the Los Angeles band Turning Violet and writes for The Los Angeles BeatHer new YA Fantasy, BETWEEN THE WATER & THE WOODS (Holiday House), featuring illustrations by Sara Kipin, is available wherever books are sold.  

Background art by Audrey Knight


Between The Water & The Woods

"Between The Water and the Woods is a beautifully written story that feels more like an ageless fable than a contemporary novel. The characters are nuanced and the plot is filled with action and adventure. Unlike many books targeting a younger audience, we have a parent fully involved (and respected) in the story . . . excellent writing."

The Online Eccentric Librarian

"If you’re looking for a fantasy where you think you might be familiar with some of the elements – dark creatures, a quest to the capital, knights and magical power, Snaith still manages to surprise you in Between the Water and the Woods . . . these parts offer different elements from a charming story of family, to a deeper story of politics, agency, and the fate of the kingdom."


"A delightfully fresh fantasy that mixes science and magic in fascinatingly complex ways."

—School Library Journal 

"Political intrigue, magic, knights, dark creatures, a small love story, and an intense battle with Ithin and automatons keep the pages turning. Emeline’s strong voice guides her audience through this fantasy adventure, and readers will be eagerly waiting to see what else will happen to Emeline and her family." 

—School Library Connection

In The Drawing

"I loved seeing Simone's heart and soul being poured into this one, with the same amount of eloquence her other books possess. This one, while still fantasy oriented and a bit of romance thrown in, it struck a different chord; it made you truly think and feel" 
- MissKaao.tumblr.com

The Indigo Stone

"the romance was done really well...despite being on her own all her life Eine STILL was a boss and didn't depend on others"
- RabbitHoleReviews.com

"I was completely entranced with the book from the moment it started." 
- TriskeleReviews.wordpress.com

"I really loved the worldbuilding & magic system, and I wish it was a series!" 
- FeministFantasy.com

"A well written fantasy. I really liked young Eine...The characters are all well developed." 
- JuniperGrove.net

"Filled with powers, relate-able characters, and a beautiful world detailed well by the author." 
- MissKaao.blogspot.com

"Magic mixes with steampunk in this very readable fantasy adventure." 
- Ingeniouscat.co.uk


From The Ashes

"This is an original addition to the vampire genre, with enough action and intrigue to keep me turning the pages." 
- KatsBookBuzz.net

"This was such a great vampire story! One of the better I've read actually...it had it all, suspense, romance, a little bit action and drama." 
- RatherBarefoot.blogspot.com

"I liked this story for the cursed love story that it was. I rooted for Lundy to find a way to stay alive this time." 
- VampChix.blogspot.com

Through The Eyes

"I like the juxtaposition of her two worlds, the supernatural and the mundane...You can certainly pick this book up if you haven't read the first" 
- KatsBookBuzz.net

"Simone Snaith has two very extraordinary books: From The Ashes and the follow up Through The Eyes...Sweet and poignant love that makes you want to be drawn into their little world and stop the awful curse yourself" 
- MissKaao.tumblr.com